22 April 2021

نرم افزار محلول سازی Solution Calculator Lite

“Solution Calculator” is a handy tool for students taking chemistry classes, or researchers/scientists working in a biology, chemistry or biochemistry laboratory. It has the following three major functions:

(۱) It has a convenient calculator for making chemical solutions and for diluting solutions using a stock solution. It helps you to quickly determine how much chemical/stock solution you need. You do not need to mess around with your calculator and can spend more time in your study or research.

(۲) It contains a handy tool to calculate molecular weight (M.W.) of commonly used chemicals in the lab. You do not need to enter the name or molecular formula of the chemical, you just need to press a few buttons to get the MW of the chemical instantaneously.

(۳) It also provider a periodic element table, with detailed information about each of the 118 elements

نرم افزار Solution Calculator یک نرم افزار کاربردی برای محلول سازی برای دانشجویان و شیمیت میباشد.

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