Frontier Optica Spectrometer

Frontier Optica Spectrometer

Choose the Frontier™ range of Fourier Transform IR spectrometers for superior spectroscopic performance in demanding applications. Powerful and adaptable, the Frontier meets all your current analysis needs and can be expanded as your research goals evolve. An exceptional signal-to-noise ratio and photometric performance assures optimal spectral quality to ensure best-in-class sensitivity. This configurable platform provides dependable and consistent operation through years of service.
Specifically designed for highest ordinate accuracy in the mid-IR region, Frontier Optica is a unique FT-IR spectrometer designed for optical filter, glass and semiconductor measurements which require improved levels of ordinate accuracy and reproducibility. Over the 5000-400 cm-1 range, the Frontier Optica offers radically improved passband accuracy and stopband transmission accuracy to 6000 cm-1.
Part Number: L1280032

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• The Frontier Optica FT-IR spectrometer features:
• Standard, high-performance, room-temperature LiTaO3 (lithium tantalate) MIR detector with a SNR of 10,000:1
• Optical system with KBr beamsplitter to enable quality data collection over a range of 7,800 – l350 cm-1 at a best resolution of 0.4 cm-1
• Specialized optical modifications to improve absolute ordinate accuracy
• Standard KBr windows


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