LC MS MS Waters Xevo TQD

the Xevo TQD is a highly advanced tandem quadrupole mass spectrometer development

designed for your most demanding quantitative UPLC/MS/MS applications. It benefits from Engineered Simplicity # the combination of high performance and simplicity of operation, with ion source versatility to service the broadest range of applications, to deliver superior quantitative capability to the widest range of scientists, across varying levels of expertise. In addition to the standard tandem quadrupole acquisition modes, the Xevo TQD has the capability to perform both RADAR” and PICS” acquisitions, similar to the Xevo TQ MS and the Xevo TQ-S. In RADAR mode the Xevo TQD rapidly alternates between MRM and full scan MS acquisition modes.You can track your target analytes with precision in MRM mode, while at the same time scanning the background for all other components. PICS allows you to collect a product ion spectrum from the top of all detected peaks in MRM mode for additional confidence in your peak assignment, activated by a single check box. The following items are included as part of the standard system:Z SPRAY” API interface#Dual orthogonal interface for robust LC/MS Electrospray (ESI) inlet probe#for efficient ionisation of a wide range of compounds ESCi” ionisation .capability rapid switching source for both ESI and APCI in the same run IntelliStart” fluidics Automated tuning, calibration and method.

Catalog LC MS MS Xevo TSQ

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