Preekem TOPEX+ Microwave Digestion

TOPEX+ microwave digestion system is the impressive product made by PreeKem, it has ideally combined advanced microwave technology and use-friendly

operation system, and it also owns remarkable exterior design and strong image system. This product can fully satisfy needs for digestion, extraction and synthesis, offer users more convenient and alternative solution in sample preparation area.

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Genuine Expert in Microwave Extraction microwave digestion

■ High efficiency: 40 parallel samples in 30 minuets
■ More convenience: need only 2 steps to assemble a 100mL extraction vessel
■ More safety: solvent sensor secure better experience
■ Higher recovery: Magnetic stirrer ensures better results

Total Solution for Pharmaceutical Industry microwave digestion

■ Comply with 21CFR PART 11
■ Possess user management interface, E signature and data provenance function
■ Complete 3Q Audit Trail


■ Industrial-quality components made of 316L stainless steel and built by seamless laser welding
■ Multi-layer Dupont PFA coating efficiently protects cavity away from corrosion
■ Large cavity provide large batch of vessels(up to 40 vessels)
■ Maximum withstanding temperature: 350℃

Microwave source

■ Microwave output via two staggered magnetron;
■ Roof microwave reflection and guide technique to enhance microwave density and heating efficiency.

Door Structure

■ Auto-locking system  secures door all the way during digestion;
■ Alternative floating cushion design allows instant pressure release and resealing after;
■ Integrated emergency brake system cuts down microwave when the door is open.


■ Built-in large and high-resolution touchscreen;
■ Easy set up with stylus pen;
■ Running data, curve can be directly read;
■ History data can be saved, reviewed and exported.

Cooling System

■ Powerful corrosion resistant centrifugal fan;
■ Strong convection air duct makes cooling faster;
■ Independent air duct avoids corrosion to circuit.

Full vessel real-time IR sensor

■ Immersing PT sensor allows accurate temperature measurements inside the vessel;
■ High-precision  pressure sensor measures real-time pressure;
■ working with PID control system, it could stop microwave when the pressure tends to be over limit.

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