Photron HCL (Single Element) for Agilent/ Varian /GBC

Photron’s P800C Series for Agilent / GBC Scientific / Varian AAS Instruments compatible with 37mm or 1.5″ base 4 Pin Octal Base,

Coded Hollow Cathode Lamps including AAS models such as Agilent 240 AA, 240FS AA, 240Z AA, 280FS AA, 280Z AA, 55B AA, AA Duo, AA3000, AA1275, AA1475, AA275, AA400, AA475, AA775, A

A875, AA975 and all GBC Scientific SpectrAA AA’s

Hollow cathode lamps produced by Photron are designed and manufactured to achieve all of the following fundamental requirements for a spectral line source

  • Intense emission of resonance (ground state derived) lines.
  • Narrow line width, for maximum sensitivity and linearity.
  • Minimal spectral interference from continuum emission, present in the cathode.
  • Rapid warm up to produce stable long term light emission.
  • Noise free operation. + Long running life and a 5 year shelf life.
  • Cathode materials and geometry achieve a combination of spectral purity and a suitable sputtering rate.

(A high sputtering rate will give high intensity at the expense of lamp life, sensitivity and linearity).

SMITH-HIEFTJE background correction

Photron lamps have been tested and found to work as well as lamps sold specifically for this technique, however due to the high energy pulse used, some elements will be consumed at a higher rate reducing lamp life.

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