Preekam COOLPEX Microwave Digestion

The Coolpex Smart Microwave Reaction System is an innovative microwave instrument

which integrates an easy to use user-interface with an on board video camera allowing remote viewing of sensors and vessels on an external display.

The Coolpex System, designed in Germany, is ideal for synthesis applications in the high pressure range. In just a few simple steps, the user can choose a preset or customized method via the on board control pad. System data is easily monitored via the 7 inch LCD screen.

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Enhanced Microwave Focusing
■ Focused Microwave Energy on the sample
■ Homogenous microwave field
■ High Microwave efficiency

Control and Monitoring
■ Remote observation of vessels and sensors is available through the built in video camera via an optional external monitor
■ All operations are easily performed via the control pad

Safety by Design
■ Dual Temperature and Pressure control
■ Electronic door lock
■ Cavity 316L Stainless Steel construction


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