22 April 2021

Agilent 240FS AA

The 240FS AA is a fast sequential atomic absorption spectrometer that can double sample throughout and dramatically reduce running costs. Able to handle multi-element suites with ease, the Agilent 240FS AA system is ideal for environmental, food, and agriculture labs. The 240FS AA features automatic lamp selection, programmable gas box, and D2 background correction. A full range of AA accessories enable extra capabilities.


  • Boost productivity and reduce running costs using Fast Sequential analysis — the more elements you determine, the more you save on gas, reagent and lamp usage.
  • Reduce your analysis time by determining the concentration of all elements from a single aspiration.
  • Reduce sample consumption with less delay throughout analysis and less sample waste.
  • Get accurate results by determining 10 elements per sample in < 2 minutes without sacrificing data quality.
  • Improve precision and accuracy with online internal standard corrections for physical differences, sample preparation errors, or drift.
  • Simplify your analysis by taking the guess work out of the method development with SpectrAA comprehensive cookbook.
  • Tune your flame AA performance with the Mark 7 atomization system.
  • Mark 7 atomization system can achieve high sensitivity — typically > 0.9 Abs. from 5 mg/L Cu.

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